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American Gem Short Script & Literary Festival
Screenplay Contest

Enter your Short Screenplay, Short Story, Treatment in American Gem Short Screenplay Contest / Literary Festival. 

Winning Screenplay in the American Gem Short Screenplay Contest will be Produced.

Grand Prize Winner / Short Screenplay Gets to Pitch Screenplay to Producers, Studio Executives and Agents. Certificate of achievement awards to the Top 25 scripts and top 3 in each of the other categories.

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Previous winners

Filmmakers Names Round One Qualifiers

Hollywood, CA — FilmMakers is pleased to announce the first round qualifiers of the 15th. Annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition. This Year's Contest attracted a total of 1587 scripts worldwide.  (Comedy: 25%; Drama: 38% Other: 37%)


 (in alphabetical order)



2-12-Delta by David Brichetto
51 INTERNATIONAL by dritan carku
A Bumpy Ride by Andrew James
A Constant State of Nothing by Monica Lucas
A Life Cycle in a Month by Andrea Perez
A Lovable Legacy by Gavin Stone
A Man with Two Souls by Hilarion Banks
A Night with Eve by Savannah Marquez
A Smile Beneath by Chip Lane
A Smoke Screen  by Claire Poole
A Southern Cult by Alyssa Harris
A Stroll Down Third Street by Andrew Dominguez
A.K. by Adam Fiske
Abandoned Store by Shane Love
Above the Laws of Mankind by Camilla Hammond
Abrax by Phuong Luci Tu
Accidentally Picked by Trevor White
Across the Bridge to Nowhere by Jocelyn Riley
Admiral Lord Nelson by Michael Rights
Adult Children by Kathleen Sears
Aim Low Choose High by Joan Butler
Alice In OzZu by William Sikorski
All Aboard by Ryan Metcalfe
All in Knots by Joe Wilson
Allison's Burning Heart by Sam Frank
Alternative Sanity by Marcus Pena
Always Clueless by Brody Moody
Amen Evil by Steven Williams
Amsterdam Family Portrait by Dawn Bryant
Amuse Your Love by Michael Martin
An Army of Five by Jasmine Alsop
An Extraordinary Day by Brittany Sparks
An Old Fashioned Love Affair by Heather Mills
Anbar by Nathan Oraker
Annoying Man by Angela Chapman
Arm Races by Victor Blake
Artful Pretenders by Judith Bresler
Artful Pretenders by Judith Bresler
Arvin Lindemeyer Takes Canarsie by D Ferrara
At First Light by Reagan Lyoms
At Risk by Marc Lapadula
Attack of the Ant Baby!!! by Kent Kitzman
Backfired by David pantano
Baking by Gavin Stone
Be Happy Will I by Maria Sanderson
Beat the Music Out of Him by Tim Hart
Belize Brothers by Dave Schmeling
Beware of the Girl with the Pink Scarf by Sadie Zimmerman
Big Return by Simon Parker
Big Shorts - season one Episode 08: Axing American Dramas with Broadswords by Frannie Nie
Big Shorts - season one Episode 10: Purging Big Shorts TV by Frannie Nie
Big Shorts - season two Episode 03: Undercover Mission by Frannie Nie
Big Shorts - season two Episode 07: Organ Transplant by Frannie Nie
Blaze in Heaven by Heather Nichols
Blessed Innocence by Penelope Steele
Blood Trigger by Ron Podell
Blue Moon Over Greece by Christopher Butler
Border Wars and Politics by John Patton
Born in Manhattan by Susan Luna
Born to Deal by Freddy Johnson
Breath Through a Straw by Larry Garrett
Bright Darkness by Lauren Burton
Broken City by Lucas Newman
Bruce Lies by Sandra Page
BUCCANEERS by Cormac Duff
by the Grace of God by Alex Brady
BZZZZ! by Jon Paul Burkhart
Call Me Mr. Master by Kimberly King
Call Time by Douglas Harms
Camp Doba by Victoria Paul
Careless and Carefree by Kennedy Austin
Catching Heat  by James Bell
Cautious Love by Pippa Ferguson
Change Your Name and Change Your Life by Aaron Wang
Charming and Alarming by Connor Robertson
Cheap Motel by Carson Price
Cilla and Cole by Fredric Collins
City Night Out  by Bella Ince
City of Dreams by Kendall Salazar
Clear Blue Sky by Michael Brazda
Clever Boys by Bernadette Metcalfe
Closing Call by LuĂ­sa Parnes
Companion by Jennifer Hudson
Composite by Anat Wenick
Cool Justice by Dana Cole
Corrupting a Society by Noah Sutton
Count Your Blessings by Brody Solis
Counter Attach by Lillian Duncan
Cover Crop by Jeffrey Howe
Crash Course by Bella Hughes
Crime Extraordinaire by Howard Fridkin
Crime is Punishment by Camilla Townsend
Crimes of the Other Kind by Caden Ward
Cursed From Birth to Death by Tyler Sam Webster
Daddy Issues by Ksenia Remizova
Daddy No Care by Jane Nolan

Daisy Chain by Gotta Go
Dancing with a Star by Matt Howard
Dark Ambition by Harry Holland
Darkness Has Fallen Upon The Man by Sebastian McGrath
Dealer Squealer by Emily Walker
Deep Hidden Scars by Keith Hemmings
Defeating Madness by Adrian Greene
Defeating Terror by Oliver Parks
Defining Moments by Elizabeth Thomson
Deirdre of the Sorrows by Deirdre of the Sorrows Lyons
Destroying a Past by Juliana Wheeler
Destruction of Mankind by Kyle DEAN
Deviltry Afoot by carol pritt
Dick Sloan by Fredric Collins
Die hard the Hunter by Lyle LaRochelle
Disconnected Episode 101: Pilot by Dan Whitehead
Discovering Mr. Wrong by Casey Long
Discovering Texas by Gordon Skinner
Distopi-phobia by Jacob Boyd
Doctor Troubles by Sam Davies
Domestic Damages by Synthia Williams
Donald's Block Party by Matt Rhoden
Don't Step on that Grave by Lindsay Fower
Double Edge by jafar ali
Doubting Yourself by Fiona James
Drag Me Kicking and Screaming  by Juliana Ayala
Driving on Autopilot by Peter Benson
Drop Dead in Bed Fred by Amanda Wright
Early Arrivals by Luke Quinn
Early Judgment by Joanne Campbell
Easy on the Eyes Hard on the Heart by Sonia Randall
ECNESERP by Allison Phelan
Elephant & Castle by Samuel Bernstein
Elvis Takes the Bus Too by Erynne Elkins
Emily by Kristin Holt
EPIPHANY by Despina Moraitou-Politzi
Erotica Etcetera by Caleb Brock
EUNICE by Keith Planit
Even A Just Man by Mark Christopher Boyd
Experiment in Shame by Wendy Davies
Far from Home by Pippa Ogden
Farewell to Peace by Victor Blake
Father K.O. SCRIPT by D.J. Higgins
Fatherland by Aaron Cannon
Fear by Peter Jang
Fearless Witches of the New World by Julian Clarke
Fireball Run by Lauren Mackay
Flying Solo by Stacey Cummings
Follow Your Friends by Diana Davidson
Forever Without My Baby by Madeline Santos
Forgive and Forget by Steven McLean
Frantic Spirit by Alan Vaughan
Fresh Start Incorporated by Scott Marshall Taylor
'Furniture' by Marvin Kaplan
Furry by mario garza
Gentle Love by Luis Cervantes
Gigantic Ride by Charles Howard
Glitches by kelly byrnes
Guns For Hire Screenplay by Chris Tasara
Hal, The Spud King of Japan by John Thibault
Halfway by Lukas Hassel
Hang on Hang High by Russell Bush
Heavy Hearts by Isaac Wallace
Hermeticum, script by Ramunas Abukevicius
Hide & Go Kill by Phuong Luci Tu
Home of the Fearless by Christine Perry
HONEYBIRD by Daniel Corrieri
Humanity: Devolved by Greyson Ferguson
I Don't No by Julie Rockett
I on You by Piers Mills
Ill Willy by Hannah Metcalfe
In Plain Site by Brian Young
Infinite Conquests by Carrie Hughes
Insurance Scammer by William Lambert
Inward Bound by Diana Newman
Irritating Love by Alison Gibson
Isaac Newton Gifted by Bo Price
It Appears Deep In the Woods by Sally Piper
Jagged Edge by Tamara Herman and Cindy Aronson
JAKE: The Power of the Ruby by Rosalyn Rosen
JE FAIT ("I DID") by Edward Jordon
Just Rumors by Bryan Kelly
Just The Beginning by Kenneth Delaney
JUSTICE by Ashley Billington
KILO AND HALF, When Cats Rule by Ahmed Moftah
KILO AND HALF, When Cats Rule by Ahmed Moftah
Kings of the Cul de Sac by Jordan Marshall
Kookaburra by Jeffrey Morin
Leaving Vegas by Mary Ogden
Life Rejections  by Sam Gray
LINK by Debra Karr
Little One; A Dragon's Quest for Home by Steven Bogart
Living a Life by Piers Alsop
Long Life Short Time by Declan Ellis
Longing for a Past Life by Claire McGrath
Love Beside Me by Jack Tucker
Love Me or Leave Me by Jose Willis

Love Trouble by Sally Metcalfe
Loves Terms (3rd draft) by Lance Barnett
Lyon's Den by Alex Bartz
Lyrical Boy by Karen Powell
Maid Princess by Tyler Ficher
Main Drag by Ryan Thorsen
Maya State by Lucas Burnett
Meaningful Start by Rachel Blake
Meet Jesus by Susan Luna
Meet the  Regular Guy by Adrian Johnston
Meeting the Maker  by Joseph Jones
Melina's Dream by leonidas demas
Missing Twins by Susan Luna
Misty Fridays by Christine Perry
Misty Laura by Blake Hughes
Moral Hazard by Harry Holland
Mouse Trap by Nora Jennings
Murder at the Mic by Matt Rhoden
Murder Mountain by Philip T Brewster
My Day in May by Susan Luna
My Lover My Slave by Cameron Watson
New York Tale_Adrift in New York by Lynn M Annis
Night Duty by Megan Sutherland
Northern Lights - Screenplay by Tom Rico
Not My Life by Alison Nash
Offensive Behavior by Jasmine Thomson
Omerta' by Marianne Benjamin
One Night at the Morrison by Joan Beilstein
Outlaws of the Marsh Revisited - season Three Episode 08: My Brother's Keeper: Li Kui Returns to Mount Liang by Frannie Nie
Outlaws of the Marsh Revisited - season Three Episode 13:Out of Extreme Misfortune Comes Bliss; Mount Liang Restored to its Orig by Frannie Nie
Outlaws of the Marsh Revisited - season Two Episode 01: With Filial Piety and Righteousness, Xiaohai Plans to Rescue His Father by Frannie Nie
Outlaws of the Marsh Revisited - season Two Episode 10: Beating the Enemies at Their Own Game, Song Jiang Fulfills His Vow by Frannie Nie
Pagers by Tracey Maye
Past Dues by Daniel Pellikan
Permatrip by DAVID HARDIN
Picking a Target  by Heather Welch
PISSED by Michael Beemer
Planet Borg by Julian Clarke
Playing the Field by Michael Trigiani
Playing the Witness by Sam Kench
Poor Homes by Joseph Matthews
Power Hungry by Bradley Stewart
Power Play by F. Ethan Repp
Power Taker by Alexander Cornish
Predator/Prey by Kent Kitzman
Pumping Iron by Carol Pullman
Quest for Light - Adventure of the Magi by byron Anderson
Radio Life by Susanna Denes
Ready for Love by Brody Moody
Red Storm by Ruth Hamilton
Redcoats on the Hudson by Carole Ryavec
Reflections by Lori Howell
Reflections by Charles Hudson
Reflex Revenge by Charles Ross
Renaissance Man - No Cover Page by Robert Tolz
Resurrection Time Conspiracy by James Carroll
Risky Biz by Austin Mathis
Rock Steady by Abigail Carr
Role Playing by Isaac Murray
ROSEMARIE by lorrie cipolla
Rosemarie by Loretta Cipolla
Round the Bend by Sagi Barzilay
RUNNING BLIND by John T. Frederick
Sad Sadie by John May
Safe Path to Living Easy by Cody Henderson
Sanctuary by Scott Pittock
SandCastle by John M Pearson
Sandman Passage by Phil Johnston
SAVE THEM by Harlan Smookler
Saving a Tree Farm  by Una Burgess
Saving Sharon by Shane Love
Sex Yourself! by Curtis Ramos
Sexy Little Nothings by Alexandra Houska
Six Feet Above Ground by Dorothy Paige
Sleepless by Daniel Holland
Slippery Road Ahead by Amy Ince
Sniper Hunt by Matt Campbell
Soon be Forgotten by Lucas Ogden
Soul Mate/Sub by Deirdre Patterson
Spain at Night by Declan Ellis
Splitting Hair by Alexander James
Stacey by Steve Hanisch
Stars Collide by Julian Clarke
Stay until you're dead by Ri Versteegh
Steam Heat by Isaac Bailey
Stepping Off The Carpathia - Titanic Sequel by Lee James Cluskey
Stick with It by Christian Ross
Stoned Night Out by Andrew Duvall
Stoners Vs. Vampires by Stuart Creque
Stranger Step Softly by Rebecca Stallard
Strap On by Warren Avery
SUNFLOWER by Willie Warren
Supersonic Love by Diana Gill
SUPREMACY by Rosalyn Rosen
Survive by Lyle LaRochelle
Swinging to the Left by Lucas Burnett
Switching Sides by Carrie Hughes
Tall and Handsome  by Connor Ellison
Target: Berlin! by Ian Bonser

The Abduction of Jasmine by Joseph Poole
The Aerialists by Adrian Catarzi
The Angel's Face by Mitchell Oppenheim
The Better Angels by David Markiewicz
The Big Deal by Letitia McQuade
The Black Range by Marc Calderwood
Blood by JoAnn Salin
The Blue Notebook by Lisa Wright
The Book Club by MindLab Publishing
The Clever Child by Declan Ellis
The Cursed Man by James Perry
The Dearly Belovéd by James DiLuzio
The Delicate and Sensible by Melanie Hughes
The Doodler by Bryan Randal
The Dregs by Daria Nazarova
The Dumbest Generation by Leslie Lyshkov
The Emancipation of Annabel Sanchez by Eric Rawson
The Engrave by William Edmunds
The Faceless by Nathan Ogden
The Forgotten Legend by Colin Simmons
The Fun in Dysfunctional by Cara Daniello
The Funny Farm by Robert Ward
The Girl on the Hill by Joe Rees
The God Particle -' RESURRECTION' by Tom Rico
The Green Eyed Man by Megan Piper
The Guild by Daniel Corrieri
The Heretics by Neil Looker
The Honest Senator by Ava McGrath
The Hoopla by Thomas Nesti
THE HUNGER by Phil McKie
The Joppa Flat by Rachel Thomas
The Killing Element by Emily Burgess
The Kiss on the Bridge by Olivia Young
The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin
The Last Bookstore by Brooke Purdy
The Last Decision by Jim Harkins
The Lone Road by Jacqueline Quintanar
The Long Winter by Ruoyu Guo
The Mad Preacher by Victoria North
The Made Santa by Anthony Palmiotto
The man with the razor by Giuseppe Vignola
The man with the razor by Giuseppe Vignola
The Marching Band by Cody Henderson
The Maze Ring by Brody Marsh
The Money Makers by David Payne
The Nightmare Halls by Olivier Rongione
The Oscar by Julia Liberman
The Raid on Kingston by Carole Ryavec
The Return to Afghanistan  by Pippa Hunter
The Road Trip Back by Harry Marshall
THE ROLLER COASTER by Mahmoud Orfali
The Run by Chris Halligan
THE SECOND COMING by Michael Baley
The Silly Girl by Cheyenne Russell
The Smart Choice by Owen Glover
The Spotter by Julian Awoonor Renner
The spotter by Julian Renner
The Story of an Ottoman Princess by tuba guvelioglu
The Sunny Side of Life by Richard Hill
The Switch Blade Fighter by Carolyn Wright
The Tide of Fundy by Rick Groleau
The Winner Mindset by Doug Jacobson
The World Lifeguard Championships! by J. J. Wheeler
The Yellow Door by Joseph Matthews
'The Yentas' by Marvin Kaplan
Three Days by George Keroglidis
Tight Living Space by Harry Chapman
Tindered Spirits by Ariel Katz
TIPPY The Elf by William Sikorski
Tonodran's Legacy: The Greywing by PAUL WOODLEY
Trembling Alone by Keith Burgess
Trieste, 1912 by Ben Hanah
Troubling Things by Carson Price
True Confessions of a Young Bride by Victor Newton
Trusting the Devil by Robert Smith
Twenty-Four Hour Odyssey by Olga Andreadis
Tyler Texas by Patrick Norman
Unconscionable by Howard Fridkin
Unshackled by Mark Gossin
Untitled Copacabana Project by Jessica Pappas
Unusual Person by Carolyn Underwood
VietCom by Steve Hanisch
Vitality by Eric Krueger
Waiting to Crumble by John Ott
Wall Streak by Gregg Greenberg
Wet Eyes by Eric Anderson
Who is Ruby Tuesday? by cloe de la Vega
Winchester 13 by Darlene Inkster
Wishful Thinking by Kimberly Powell
With no fate by Yurii Hereha
World War III: The Musical by Matthew Burke
Writing With The Mob by Joshua Louis
Wrong Offerings by Juliana Hampton
Yo - The Cook by Philipp Senn
You Can Have My Destiny by Cody Henderson
Young Girl Out by Jennifer Jones
Young Marx and Engels by Ben Hanah

For contact information or requests to read any script mentioned on this page please contact: 

Jennifer Brooks

(serious inquiries only - for production or representation purposes)

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