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American Gem Short Script & Literary Festival
Screenplay Contest

Enter your Short Screenplay, Short Story, Treatment in American Gem Short Screenplay Contest / Literary Festival. 

Winning Screenplay in the American Gem Short Screenplay Contest will be Produced.

Grand Prize Winner / Short Screenplay Gets to Pitch Screenplay to Producers, Studio Executives and Agents. Certificate of achievement awards to the Top 25 scripts and top 3 in each of the other categories.

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Previous winners

Filmmakers Names Round One Qualifiers

Hollywood, CA — FilmMakers is pleased to announce the first round qualifiers of the 17th. Annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition. This Year's Contest attracted a total of 1422 scripts worldwide.


 (in alphabetical order)


24 Hours by Janiyah Foster
A Bridge Ahead by Anne Gonzalez
A Deadly Short Cut by Deadra Patino
A Drag Queen by Night by Darryl Long
A Falling In by Paul Adamian
A Fictional Life by Alma Black
A Future Romance by John Martins III
A Giant Step by Ariella Frith
A GOOD MARINE by Tracey Thompson
A Good Memory by Anders Creel
A Journey to Fait by Camellia Huizar
A Life Long Marriage by Cordia Manzano
A Proper Burial by Zheng 'Nathan' Nie
A Snowballs Chance in Hell by gregory lane
A Tricky Game by Seraphima Bogomolova
A.B. Is An E.T. by Aaron Yarber
Abandoned Daughters by Ariya Adair
Aborning by jay greenwell
Ad Baby by Khalil Abrams
Affection Starved by Hilaria Pappas
Ageless Cream by Judah Barlow
Alone With The Devil by Tom Zanca
Alternative Road by Zayne Rodriguez
Amen Evil, The Possession by Steven Williams
American Angel by Brian Scanlan
American Gulag by Michael Casey
American Myths of Black & White by Aaron Yarber
Amsterdam Revisited by Clayton Bell
Amsterdam Way by Ace Abernathy
Amuse Us by Jayleen Aguirre
An American Fairy tale by Rudy Gardner
Apache by Cameron Barsanti
Apocalypses... by Jude Gerard Prest
Arizona Sunrise by John Martins III
Armed & In Danger by Adelina Adams
Atlantic City Dreaming by Kallie Allred
Bad Mechanic by Libby Barnes
Bad the Good Bad by Terence Galante
Bait and Switch by Tyler Gooden
BARTER by Luísa Parnes
Barth by Scott Marshall Taylor
Be Free or Be Dead by Kylee Adkins
Be or Not! by Estelle Babb
Behind the Badge by John Martins III
Bellville by Marvin Jackson
Best Man Down by Marshall Barajas
Betraying Trust by Deandre Allison
Beware of Friends by Jace Albright
Beware The Night by Charles Michael
Birth and Control by Jerimiah Arnold
Black Cat by Maritza Aaron
Blackwood Falls by Jennifer Nicole Stang
Bleep Me to Death by Tony Bennett
Blonde Fun by Larae Swenson
Blue Eyed Monster by Lilianna Davis
Blue Moon Over Delgado by Ricardo Moore
Blue Night by Corban Lee
Body Count by Leigh Hunt

Bommy! by Boim Hwang
Bonding With Another by Buddy Eagan
BONEHEADS by kelly jean karam
Boo Attitude by Richard Barilla
Bridge Maker by Corinne Allen
Broken Promises and Payback by Aria Watson
Brown Nose by Cindy Cooper
Bus of Dreams by Janet Hughes
Business or Pleasure by Arturo Alexander
CAJUN JUSTICE by Mike Briock
Call Me Mr. Nick by Rachel Thomas
Careless Jane by Princess Clark
Careless Man by Nico Alvarado
Catching Fever by Anabelle Morgan
CHAMPS by Serge Adam
Change a Life by Mack Ambrose
Change Your Life by Aaron Wang
Changing Attitude by Dwayne Henderson
Charlie's Day by Susan Luna
Charlie's Personal War by Emilia Ames
Charmed By love by Addilyn Rodriguez
Cheap Sleep by Alexa Cox
Chemical Attraction by Alan J. Field
Chilling with Deniro by Hezekiah Monson
Choices & Outcomes by Libby Barnes
Choosing a mark by Liana Butler
Citizen of One by Alia Cruz
Citizen One by Adam Anderson
City Dying by Rachael Anderson
City Life by Thomas Cox
City Living by Linda Long
City of Dreams by Princeton Lewis
City of Trees by Christian Lybrook
Civil Death by Zac Loy
Claws, Paws and a Blue Macaw by Theresa Giese
Clever Kat by Claude Bailey
Clouds Over Dahlias by A.J. Moss
Clueless Kind by Brody Moody
Collapse of Being Civilized by Ryann Berry
Come Home Now by Dominik Alston
Come Out and Play by Damien Moeller
Companionship for Three by Priscilla Robinson
Conundrum by Mike Bevins
Corrupted by Kaysen Aragon
Corruption, the Beginning by Zane Perez
Count Your Blessing by Quinton Hall
Counter Attach by Lillian Duncan
Counter-Offer by Maxton Arellano
Crash Elsewhere by Bradyn Arias
Crash Landing by Russell Stephens
Crime is Punishment by Leslie Young
Crossed Blood Lines by Jennifer Phillips
Cryogenius by Andrew Pelosi
Cursed Birth by Levi Sanchez
Cursed Meeting by Alfred Jones
Cyber Interaction by Layla Nichols
Cyber Sin by Nala Arredondo
Dancing Barefooted by Kohen Arrington

Dancing without Shoes by Lilith Miller
Dark Fantasy by Steve Newick
DARK PORTRAITS by Jordan Galland
Dark Reflections by Ashley Hall
Darnell, the Black Jew by Malcolm Solomon
Date Bate by Randy Adams
Dating Jekyl & Hyde by Brett Carter
Day & Nights by Lesly Allen
Day in Day Out by Beverly Baker
Dead Ends by Keisha Schiff
Dead Fare by David Brimer
Dealer Squealer by Emily Walker
Deciding When? by Aliana Marshall
Deep In the Woods by Tia Howard
Deep Scars by Cortez Young
Deep Sleep by Mariana Amos
Delightful Child by Benicia Ignacio
Delivery by radwen dridi
Desert Fire by Thelonious Bloch
Desert Quarry by James Palmer
Destroying Your Past by Quentin King
Destruction of a Small Town by Quincy Scott
Diagnoses Terminal by Lara Hawkins
Diagnoses Terminal by Leonardo Askew
Diary of a Living Dead by Ruth Payne
Dire Consequences by Clyde Howard
Discovering New York by Lillianna Bennett
Discovering Your Mr. Right by Quinn Green
Dive In by Lionel Ross
Diversity by Desmond Duncker
Doctor Adductor by Tess Rogers
Doctor Detective by Emilio Santín
Doctor Next Door by Ann Lopez
He Doesn't Want to Be Found by Nathanael Jordan
Don by Alberto Battistutti
Double Trouble by Adelyn Sullivan
Down Through The Ages by Peter Gigante
Dr. DREDDS WAGON OF WONDERS by Landon Williams
Drag Queens by Porter Ross
Dream Rehearsal by Winnie Khaw
Dregslist by Karen Tengwald
Drink the Cool Aid! by Arya Russell
Drink Up and Hush by Madelene Carranza
Driving Under the Influence, Again by Aliza Mcdonald
Drop Dead Beauty by Rachael Anderson
Drop Dead Sexy by Clinton Ayers
DUKES OF BIOHAZARD by Jaime Villarreal
Dumbest Generation by Leslie Lyshkov
Dying Alone by Janelle Long
Early Arrival by Lila Smith
Earn to Learn by Andera Haro
Easy Living Hard Breathing by Bryan Evans
Ego Mass by Ana Hernandez
Ellen's Defining Moment by Liberty Fisher
Empty Head by Cassius Andrade
ENCOUNTERED by Ray-Alan Cameron
Ersatz by Charles Ancelle
Evil Start to End by Farah Belcher

Executive Pilot by Larita Cuellar
Experimental Love by Anaya Turner
Extraordinary Existence by Adalynn Martinez
Failure to Success by Alyson Hunter
Fallen Man by Sebastian McGrath
Fallen Men by Thaddeus Bailey
Fallen Planets by No Bennetto
Family Divisions by Duane Barnes
Family of Six by Sydney Abel
Family Time Tomorrow by Dann Veliz
Far and Away by Lily Reyes
Farewell to Love by Jadyn Baird
Farewell to Peace by Raul Campbell
Fearless Beings by Adriana Phillips
Fearless Child by Randall Baker
Feel the Beat of Your Heart by Tim Hart
Feeling Highs by Bradley Campbell
Feeling Rain by Laurel Morales
Fields of madness by Jane Powell
Final Notice! by Larissa Crawford
Finding Alexandria by Sayem Huq
Finding Happy by Laura Mason
Finding Mr. Right by Accident by Lilah Johnson
Finding Prince by Philip Avila
Flying High by Allison Rice
Follow Me by Sanjay Parekh
Follow Your Art by Celia Acosta
Following Friends by Lilliana Brooks
Forever Man by Jon Gianelli
Forever Old by Zaniyah Turner
Frantic by Alan Vaughan
Freedom by Car by Asa Myers
Friends & Enemies by Felipe Albert
Friends Do by Bryn Barker
Friends For Life by Courtney Vogler
Frivolous Lawsuit by Athena Aguilar
Funky Living by Carrie Collins
Generations: The Final Chapter! by Nathan West
Gentle Touch by Zara Torres
Gen-X Chapter 1 by Piper Barnes
Getting to Mars by Vashti Serrano
Girl on a Plane by Connie Cox
Girl Out of Time by Jay Falconer
God Is Not Purple by Matt Pacini
God, Satan and me by Marc-Andre Lafond
Going Back Home by Janiya Simmons
Gone Missing by Nathaniel Owens
Grace of God by Lexie Gonzalez
Gradient Descent by Justin Fontenot
Handsome Charlie by Marci Stout
Hanging on by Zaria Parker
Happy Ever After by Panta Mosleh
Happy Life by Liv Powell
Happy Will Travel by Raelynn Harris
Hard Times at Major High by Dustin Fisher
Have Some Faith by Alvaro Tucker
Hawkes Fly South by Stephanie Wolf
Heard by Maureen Sasscer
Heart in Chains by Aryan Griffin
Heartless by Zayden Garcia
Heartless Minds by Antonio Lewis

Heavenly Blaze by Rhett Thomas
Heavenly Lake by Becky Ousley
Heavenly Passage by Teagan Gonzalez
Heavy Heart by Isaac Wallace
Hello, I'm gemini by Jose Garcia Parez
HELTER'S KELTER by Steven Keeley
He's Born to Steal by Tiana Ward
Hidden Villa by Jody Armstrong
High School Danceathon by Grant Barber
High School Invasion by Jedidiah Renfro
Hills Café by Wanbli Scribner
Home My Home by Pamela Nguyen
Home of a Brave Child by Liliana Brown
Honest Abe by Thalia Rivera
Hug Your Child by Arturo Alexander
Human Traitor by Emmeline Addison
Humans Beware by Adan Taylor
I Do In the Rain by Anne Ash
I Love to Love by Brody Moody
I Was a Somebody by Arian Kelly
In Devil We Trust by Cory Hernandez
In My Home by Tessa Murphy
In People We Trust by Jaylyn Webb
In the Beginning There Was… by Nehemiah Fisher
In the Dark by Makayla Ackerman
Innocent Beginnings by Leyla Harris
Insurance Required by Thaddeus Bailey
Inward Bound by Liam Perry
Iron Heart by Cora Lewis
Irritating Bunnies by Raegan Jackson
It's a Movie by Tony Schweikle
It's Time to Breath by Yosef Thompson
Jacob's Jewels by Richard Geiwitz
Jane A Personal Trainer by Issac Jacquez
Jmas. (Like Xmas, but with a J). by Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
JOY by Steven Keeley
Just a Regular Guy by Raelyn White
Karin & Brian by Cynthia Brooks
Karma Be Kind by Paul Herbig
Keep It Dry by Ezekiel Harbison
Kevin & Samantha by Lilyana Cruz
Kick and Scream by Randy Adams
Kissing Dare by Doris Butler
Ladies Beware of Handsome by Verena Styles
Lady in Blue by Journey Reeser
Lady Marian by Wilhelm Martinez
Lake Haven by Ariah Brooks
Land of Three by Clifford Gomez
Laugh a Good Cry by Eleonore Landeros
Laura a Mora by Taylor Baker
Laws of Man by Rhys Hernandez
Leaving Mom by Theo Cooper
Less is Less by Iago Armitage
Lia & Love by Sean Gallagher
Life Forms by Jared Ford
Life in a Box by Lindsey Sanders
Life is Like a Salad by Raquel Hill
Life Less Perfect! by Pierce Diaz

Life Reflections by Lillie Gray
Limitless Wants by Skye Anaya
Living as if Dead by Deegan Atkins
Living for Tomorrow by Lauryn Warren
Living Large by Alex Ward
Living Your Life by Lola Jenkins
LONDON BRIDGE by Steven Keeley
Long Life Short Time by Paul Cooper
Lottery Winner Bankruptcy by Tayden Eckhardt
LOVE & HAPPINESS by Mike Briock
Love Always Yours by Kasha Araiza
Love At First Flight by Adam Anderson
Love Follows by Andre Parker
Love Me? Marry Me by Paityn Flores
Love on the Run by Tegan Nelson
Love the Experiment by Johanna Bacon
Love Without A Name by Sebastian Faure
Loving Taylor by Annie Clark
Luana by Danielle Erlich
Mad Tex by Maya Ball
Maddening Horizon by Lee Kelley
Man Hunt by Waylon Baez
Man-Child by Alana Alford
MANIA by Greg Mania
Mankind's Demise by Rylan Andrews
March by richard worthy
Marked Girl by Kyron Andersen
Masqued by Joe Ferrera
Mayday America One by Bernard King
Meant to be Moment by Landon Baca
MegaBall$ by Marc Baron
Mine Not Yours Huh! by Amari Zink
Missing Inaction by Damion Barr
Money From The Clouds by Gregory R. McGee
Money Man by Shunsuke Funakoshi
Moonlight On The Water by J.M.R. Serrato
Mount Rush by Klaus Bolduc
Moving Back In by Elior Leasure
My Best Friend's Funeral by Adam Berley
My Big Fat Nana's Bat Mitzvah by Todd Pliss
My Friend or Enemy by Adrian Johnson
My Heart Stopped by Taylor Baker
My New Friend Bruce by Micah Binkley
Mysti by Jennifer Phillips
Near but so Far by Jessa Bain
New York Shoplifting by Emmalyn Atkinson
Nickolas Venture by Fredric Collins
No Place by Holly Adams
Nothing But, Television Comedy Pilot by Lena Katrina
On Time Arrival by Weston Babcock
One Night at the Morrison by Joan Beilstein
One Stormy Night by William Sikorski Jr.
Only Us by Christopher Wood
Operation Brother Sam by Gustavo Freitas
Overgrown by John Bourke
Pain and Gain by Corey Diaz
Paradise Arrival by Sariyah Abbott
Planet What? by Douglas Pike

Play Misty with Me by Israel Vella
Playing the Game by Tyler Gooden
Please Tease by Anthony Aldridge
Poser by Chester Cook
Power Hungry by Bradley Stewart
Power Maker by Andrea Evans
Power Trip by Serge Ioan Celebidachi
President for a Day by Bret Caton
President Harry by Gavyn Akers
President Lucinda by Baylee Riffe
Product Branding by Luca Alfaro
Propaganda by Benjamin Kramer
Punishment Doesn't Fit the crime by Jeramiah Armstrong
Punk Eh Ho by Claretha Larios
Pushed to the Edge by Raymond Warrillow
Queen For a Month by Alan Avery
Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi by Byron Anderson
Reasonable Expectations by Vanessa Akins
Reasons Unbecoming by Danny Cruz
RED WILLOW by John Murphy
Redball by Jon Huggins
Redirklus by Kevin Shorter
Rescue Mission in Mexico by Allan Garcia
Resilient by Tommy Watson
Resting Easy by Catherine Edwards
Return to Sender by Raina Garcia
Ring to Bring by Payten Gomez
Risky Choices by Corey Hall
River's Depth by Dolores Gutierrez
Roma Holiday by Dana Neacsu
Rugged Terrain by Bertha Green
Rules Are Meant to be … by Troy Ali
Run to Daddy by Anastasia Roberts
Rusty's Painkillers by Arthur Spina
Sacred Laughter by Steven Brewer
Sacrificed by Jesse Okoah
Sad Meet Happy by Reece Banks
Sad Sadie by John May
SAVE THEM by Harlan Smookler
Saving Farm by Temperance Carter
Saving Kat by Jaylin Freeman
Saving Lives by Cristina Jones
Saving the Human Race by Laylah Grant
School Abduction by Rylie Austin
Secret Happiness by Layne Knight
See Colorless In People by Jaylon Wells
See Matthew Jump by Dan Gray
See You Later by Jacey Abraham
Seeds by Natalie van der Meulen
Senseless Crime by Dale Bennett
Serpentine by David Tittone
Serve Cold by Celina Cargill
Severe Panic by Dawn Foster
Sex & Passion by Patience Rogers
Shadow Wolf by Patrick King
Shadows On The Wall by Victor Cruz

Shame rain by Asher Baldwin
Shared Space by Andrea Martinez
Shattered & Broken by Anna Lee
She Lie Down by Tom Zanca
She Pluribus Unum by Karen Schmidt
She Sniper by Ralph Martinez
Shine On by Lawrence Palmer
Short on Sympathy by Alyssa Hicks
Shrimp by Nicole Jones
Shy to Try? by Carmelo Cotten
SICK BABY by Brielle Brilliant
Side Effects by Paisley Stewart
Sideshow Bandit by Marie Wilson
Silly Sally by Payton Kelly
Simon is in the House by Gladys Young
Simply Pink by Dario Ballard
Singular Sensation by Arthur Bryant
Site and Sound by Addisyn Lopez
Six Hours and Counting by Santos Archer
SKELLEM by N. Robin J. Board
Slave Helper by Janessa Patterson
Sleeping In Church by Bonnie Hill
Sleepy Darcy's Y2K Journey to Love by Lifu Chen
Slippery Road Ahead by Amy Ince
Small Town Blues by Hayden Ashley
Snake Meets Cat by Leigha Mahler
Solo Existence by Adrianna Evans
Solomon's Choice by Richard Geiwitz
Solution To Happiness by Aron Butler
Song, Song, Blue by Allie Holmes
Soon be a Mom by Logan Ortiz
Soul on Soul by Linda Dahl
Southern Culture by Alyssa Harris
Spain at Night by Paula Reed
Special by Patricia Salier
Spineless Cowards by Aden Woods
Spiritual Existence by Jayson Stevens
Splitting Hairs by Zion Moore
Squealer by Crosby Arroyo
Stalker Friends by Andrea Holz
Star Find by Adrian Carter
Start When? by Brady Arthur
Starting Over by Lindsay Foster
Stealing Life by Prince Jenkins
Stellar Chance by Nadia Desyatnikova
Step on his Grave by Randall Baker
Stick and Stones Break Bones by Les Alder
Stick with It by Christian Ross
Stone by Tom Foran
Success is a Concept by Ally Robertson
Successful Failure by Paulina Bailey
Sun Fever by Braxton Alvarez
Sun Rises Tomorrow by Lauren Kennedy
Sunny Town USA by Diane Jenkins
Survival Instincts by Preston Coleman
Surviving Madness by Clinton Kelly
Sweet Date by Adelina Adams
Sweet Revenge by Parker Cook
Swing Your Bat by Cecil Flores
Swinging to the Left by Patrick Peterson
Switching Jobs by Raiden Thompson
Switching Lives by Zariyah Edwards
Take Out the Trash by Layton Ferguson
Take the Long Way Home by Kaylani Barnhart
Take the Sunny Side by Tenley Mitchell
Taking Big Steps by Lisa Morales
Tall, Dark and Mysterious by Lia Gutierrez
Terror Trap by Lewis Wright
Terry's Legacy by Crew Johnson

Test Water Safety by Adrien Mota
Texas Border Patrol by Alicia Davis
The Abduction of Jasmine by Joseph Poole
The Adversary by James Hicks
The Angry Angel by Adelaide Scott
The Apostle by John Martins III
The Banana Man by Lifu Chen
The Beachfront Stone House by Ruby Spencer
The Bill Collector by Terrance Collins
The Blue Notebook by Lisa Wright
The Bohemian Alchemist by Lucia Braccalenti
The Bridge to Nowhere Land by Jocelyn Riley
The Broken Bridge by Yusuf Peterson
The Burning Bush by Royce Perkins
The cocktail brothers by Marcos Gracia -
The Conquest by Zariah Collins
The Corruptible by Angel Jackson
The Do Over by Janae Perry
The Dying Rat by Dana James
The Easy on the Eyes by Courtney King
The Face of Rage by James David Sullivan
The Family Portrait by Zechariah Wilson
The Fat Gymnast by Emelia Ayers
The Forgotten Children by Paxton Bell
The Fourth Psalm by John Martins III
The Friendly Wager by Ryan Pierce
The General is Back by Trinh Hawk
The Godson by Gary Koeppel
The Great Grappa Caper by The Matarrese Bros.
The Green Eyed Man by Megan Piper
The Heart Thief by Terrell Stewart
The Hellscaper by Eugene Fedorov
The Hill Valley Road by Ori Carrell
The Hit Parade by Coleka Wert
The Hurt Private by Darlene Hughes
The King of Clubs by Byron Etterlee
The Last Prison by Richard Geiwitz
THE LEONIDS by Steven Keeley
The Mentor by Meredith Levine and Andrew Stone
THE MODERNERS by Matthew Bernal
The Need for Speed by Zeke Garnett
The Parvenu by Raymond Warrillow
The Pentagon Patrol by Lyle Hogue
The Profiler by Espen von Ibenfeldt
The Romance Manager by Jazmin Reyes
The Stepdaughter by Anne Xu
THE SURGE by Jesse Gordon
The Trouble w/ Being by Scott Marshall Taylor
The Trumpeter by Jonathan Shatoff
The Visitors by Steve F. Blanton
The White Mountain by Bill Baxter
The Yellow Tie by Serge Ioan Celebidachi
Three Strikes Club by Gustavo Anthony
To Be or… by Dwight Coleman
To Tears and Memory by Dylan Johnson

Touch Someone by Bristol Barnett
Track and Go by Domingo Marra
Trade a Secret by Nikki Stgeorge
Trumpland by Leigh Hunt
Try Before You Die by Rodrick Valenti
Tuesday by matt gsell
Tussle by Aaron Yarber
Two Days in the Desert by Mitchell Berstell
Type 0 by Craig Efros
Ultimate Trip by Jason Swanson
Ultra Happiness by Jase Graham
Under the Influence by Hadley Ayala
Uncle Sam Where Are You? by Westin Atwood
Unshackled Hearts by Presley Henderson
Unusual Boy by Analia Perez
Upside Brown by Bradford Farris
Utopia by Aimiende Negbenebor Sela
Waitlist by Sheila Jenca
Waltzing with Butterflies by David Keeler
War Time by Abbie Aldrich
Wealth Without Health by Dion Stromberg
Welder by Daisy Weaver
Where do the Clouds go? by Serge Ioan Celebidachi
Where I Want to Be by Tai Bingham Nass
White Crow by David Barbeschi
White Lie Wedding by Whitney Powell
Whittaker, Alger, and Dick by stephen witty
Without Cause by Ari James
Work from Home by Alexander Brown
You Give Me by Annette Harris
Your Heaven, My Hell by Charlie Herrmann
Your Past My Future by Ivory Ashby
Zoolanding by Finnegan Acevedo

For contact information or requests to read any script mentioned on this page please contact: 

Jennifer Brooks

(serious inquiries only - for production or representation purposes)

Request a script via email: info at

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