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American Gem Short Script & Literary Festival
Screenplay Contest

Enter your Short Screenplay, Short Story, Treatment in American Gem Short Screenplay Contest / Literary Festival. 

Winning Screenplay in the American Gem Short Screenplay Contest will be Produced.

Grand Prize Winner / Short Screenplay Gets to Pitch Screenplay to Producers, Studio Executives and Agents. Certificate of achievement awards to the Top 25 scripts and top 3 in each of the other categories.

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Previous winners

Filmmakers Names Round One Qualifiers

Hollywood, CA — FilmMakers is pleased to announce the first round qualifiers of the 16th. Annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition. This Year's Contest attracted a total of 1791 scripts worldwide. 


 (in alphabetical order)



24 Hours to Live by Janiyah Foster
A Clever Cat by Paulina Bailey
A cold Day in Paradise by Zander Walker
A Ditch On Both Sides by Ellecina Eck
A Family of Five by Anabel Reed
A Fictional Life by Alma Black
A Night in Amsterdam by Cristiano Brown
A Secret Among Friends by Jay Kosharek
A Storybook Ending by Lanre Olabisi
Act of Pain by Aliya Harrison
Add Sense by Ramiro Robinson
Addicted To You by Mike Cochnar
Alice in Zooland by Arianna Price
Alone At Night by Ramon Clark
Alternative Road by Zayne Rodriguez
Always Follow Your Heart by Alivia Ellis
Amber's Alert by Thada Catalon
American Spy by Zach Tirone
An Abandoned Home by Cristopher Miller
An American Fairy tale by Rudy Gardner
An Old Fashioned Date by Lilian Jones
Anchor Baby by Ran Jing
Armed & Furious by Rashad Ramirez
Autopilot Flying by Raphael Nelson
Baggage by Ryan Elkins
Barbieboy by Paul Castro Jr.
Bartender by Dustin Lester
Be Free Be Yourself by Armani Flores
Be Frivolous by Theodore Richardson
Being Amused by Lizbeth Russell
Being President by Pierre Hayes
Being Reasonable by Jasiah Bennett
Best Friends & Pets by Jazlynn Ramos
Beware of the Girl Next Door by Joe Rees
bGone by Scott Marshall Taylor
Birthmom by James Hsiao
Blank Slate by Kevin Frech
Blue Eyed Monster by Lilianna Davis
Blue Moon Over Delgado by Ricardo Moore
Blue Night by Corban Lee
Bolles by Michael Dalzell
Border Wars by Richard Martin
Born to Please by Roy Dunn
Borrowed Breath by Leigh Hunt
Borrowed Breath by Leigh Hunt
Boy Called Proper by Sam Thomas
Branching Out by Alicia Murray
Branding by Alice Gomez
Brandy's Man-Child by Leah Stone
Breaking the Rules by Cristian Williams
Brighter days behind by Quinten White
Broken Bridges by Ruben Hudson
Broken by Quintin Lopez
Broken Promises and Payback by Aria Watson
BROKEN SPIRITS by Elizabeth Allen
Bus of Dreams by Janet Hughes
Call Me Mr. Nick by Rachel Thomas
Careless Jane by Princess Clark
Caroline by kelly jean karam
Cat & Mouse by bristol mac donald
CAT AND MOUSE by Bristol Mac Donald
CAT AND MOUSE by bristol mac donald noel productions
Catching Fever by Anabelle Morgan
Change Your Life by Aaron Wang
Charlie's Day by Susan Luna
Charmed By love by Addilyn Rodriguez
Cheap Sleep by Alexa Cox
Chippies by Patrick Gamble
Choices & Outcomes by Libby Barnes
Choosing a mark by Liana Butler
Churchill In Sudan by Callum Bryce
Citizen of One by Alia Cruz
City Life by Thomas Cox
City Living by Linda Long
City of Dreams by Princeton Lewis
Closing Call by LuĂ­sa Parnes
Clueless Kind by Brody Moody
Collapse of Being Civilized by Ryann Berry
Companionship for Three by Priscilla Robinson
Corruption, the Beginning by Zane Perez
Count Your Blessing by Quinton Hall
Counter Attach by Lillian Duncan
Crash Landing by Russell Stephens
Crime is Punishment by Leslie Young
Cursed Birth by Levi Sanchez
Cyber Interaction by Layla Nichols
Dancing in the White Room by David Sabbath
Dancing without Shoes by Lilith Miller
Danny. Invincible. Legend. God. by Yavor Petkov
Dark Matters by James Beeler
Dead Body Actress by Mike Carrier
DEAD CARGO by Theodore Carl Soderberg
DEADBOYZ by julian Brantley
Dealer Squealer by Emily Walker
Death Greeter by Ronni Musumeci
Deciding When? by Aliana Marshall

Deep in the Heart of Montrose by Dennis Nivens
Deep In the Woods by Tia Howard
Deep Scars by Cortez Young
Desperate by Olga Andreadis
Destroying Your Past by Quentin King
Destruction of a Small Town by Quincy Scott
Devil to Pay by Kemmy Moran & Julie L. Mora
Diagnoses Terminal by Lara Hawkins
Diary of a Living Dead by Ruth Payne
Discovering New York by Lillianna Bennett
Discovering Your Mr. Right by Quinn Green
Dive In by Lionel Ross
Do You Still Want It? by Marshall Smith
Doctor Adductor by Tess Rogers
Double Trouble by Adelyn Sullivan
Drag Queens by Porter Ross
Drink the Cool Aid! by Arya Russell
Driving Under the Influence, Again by Aliza Mcdonald
Drop Dead Beauty by Rachael Anderson
Dying Alone by Janelle Long
Early Arrival by Lila Smith
Ellen's Defining Moment by Liberty Fisher
Epic Rynn by Matthew Rochester
Evil Woman by Toni Threadgill
Experimental Love by Anaya Turner
Extraordinary Existence by Adalynn Martinez
f7/f2 by Ana Loes
Facsimile by GARY MAKIN
Failure to Success by Alyson Hunter
Fallen Man by Sebastian McGrath
Far and Away by Lily Reyes
Farewell to Peace by Raul Campbell
Fate's Peculiar Sense of Humour by N. Triton
FEAR, There & Everywhere by Anthony Vollmer
and Craig Horwitz
Fearless Beings by Adriana Phillips
Feel the Beat of Your Heart by Tim Hart
Feeling Rain by Laurel Morales
Fields of madness by Jane Powell
Final Notice! by Larissa Crawford
Finding Happy by Laura Mason
Finding Mr. Right by Accident by Lilah Johnson
Flying High by Allison Rice
Following Friends by Lilliana Brooks
Forever Old by Zaniyah Turner
Frantic by Alan Vaughan
Freedom by Car by Asa Myers
Generations: The Final Chapter! by Nathan West
Gentle Touch by Zara Torres
Gluttons by William Sikorski
GO CATCH THE DEVIL by Martin Blinder
Go Out With Love by Meredith Nunnikhoven
Going Back Home by Janiya Simmons
Gone Missing by Nathaniel Owens
Grace of God by Lexie Gonzalez
Greenhorns by MICHAEL BEVINS
Hanging on by Zaria Parker
Happy Life by Liv Powell
Happy Will Travel by Raelynn Harris
Harkleon by Jason Rostovsky
Have Some Faith by Alvaro Tucker
Hawk by Thomas Graziano
He Doesn't Want to Be Found by Nathanael Jordan
Heart in Chains by Aryan Griffin
Heart Like a Bomb by Hugh Schulze
Heartless by Zayden Garcia
Heavenly Blaze by Rhett Thomas
Heavenly Passage by Teagan Gonzalez
Heavy Heart by Isaac Wallace
Hell's Half-Acre by Gregory Tomlin
He's Born to Steal by Tiana Ward
Home My Home by Pamela Nguyen
Home of a Brave Child by Liliana Brown
Honest Abe by Thalia Rivera
Hope's Nocturnal by David Sabbath
How Long, IRL? by Harvey Auzorst
HOWLER by Sydney Lloyd Smith
Hug Your Child by Arturo Alexander
Humans Beware by Adan Taylor
I Love to Love by Brody Moody
I Was a Somebody by Arian Kelly
In Devil We Trust by Cory Hernandez
In My Home by Tessa Murphy
In People We Trust by Jaylyn Webb
In the Beginning There Was… by Nehemiah Fisher
In the Here and Now by Bruce Nachsin
In Wonderland by Summer Starrs
Innocent Beginnings by Leyla Harris
Insurance Required by Thaddeus Bailey
Insurrection by Simon Bowler
Insurrection by simon bowler
Inward Bound by Liam Perry
Iron Heart by Cora Lewis
Irritating Bunnies by Raegan Jackson
It Is Time by Ken Kimble
It's Time to Breath by Yosef Thompson
It's What We Do! by Alan Brown
Jillian's Peak by Jillian's Peak Premium Web Series
Judi Blaze by Old & Funqui
Just a Regular Guy by Raelyn White
Kellett by Harvey Auzorst

Kevin & Samantha by Lilyana Cruz
Kick and Scream by Randy Adams
Lake Haven by Ariah Brooks
Land of the Brave Lord - A Modern Story of Persephone by phillip betz
Laura a Mora by Taylor Baker
Laws of Man by Rhys Hernandez
Leaving Mom by Theo Cooper
Left 4 Dead Awakening by Charles Smith
Legacy by Danielle Erlich
Legacy by Danielle Erlich
Legacy by Danielle R Erlich
Life Forms by Jared Ford
Life in a Box by Lindsey Sanders
Life is Like a Salad by Raquel Hill
Life Less Perfect! by Pierce Diaz
Life Reflections by Lillie Gray
LINK by Debra Karr
Lion Killer by Adam Scheiner
Living for Tomorrow by Lauryn Warren
Living Large by Alex Ward
Living Your Life by Lola Jenkins
Long Life Short Time by Paul Cooper
Loose Change by Susan Fontaine
Love and the End of War by Martin Blinder
Love At First Flight by Adam Anderson
Love Follows by Andre Parker
Love Me? Marry Me by Paityn Flores
Love on the Run by Tegan Nelson
Lung Yin Chi's CHOSEN ONE by William Sikorski
Lyrical Genius by Anderson Campbell
Mad Dash by William Leonard
Madness by Adrian Greene
Malika by C Mesber
Man Kind by Zavier Davis
Manhattan Blues by Ricky Jackson
Mani Kongo Lukeni Episode Pilot Season 1 by Wilson Mbiavanga
Mariners All by Charles Rivetto
Master Minds by Adelynn Wallace
Meaningful Intentions by Anabella Cook
Meet Jesus by Susan Luna
Meet you at George's by Ana Ortega
Meet Your Maker by Corinne Allen
Mind Shadows by Jason Harris
Miss C by kelly jean karam
Missing Twins by Susan Luna
Misty Eyes by Paola Murphy
Modern Love by Lawson Mills
Modest Lives by Jaylynn Simpson
Money Makers by David Payne
Monkey Planet by Aliyah Gibson
Mumtaz by denka wangdi
Mwah by Sara Soheili
My Father the Butcher by Aditya Mitchell
My Life as a Monk by Allan Gordon
My Life Cycle by Craig Smith
My Lover by Cameron Watson
Nancy by David McMahon
Nations of Hope by Nayeli Reynolds
Natural Causes by Martin Blinder
Nauti Girls by Linda Toussaint
New York games by Piper Barnes
Night Life & Day Life by Livia Sullivan
Nightshade by L. Lou Wiley
Nobles by Ylljet Alicka
Not Easily Broken by Alan Kam
Not My Life by Lincoln Myers
Nour by Maitha Alawadi
Number Twelve by Lili Matta
Nuts Landing by Zoe Taylor
Offensive Behavior by Jasmine Thomson
Online Love Affair by Adonis Roberts
Our Road Trip by Harry Marshall
OUT OF STEP by Lee Morton
Parousia by Todd Sorrell
Passion & Insanity by Lesly Allen
Past Lives by Lilia Williams
Path to Easy Living by Alexia Watson
Perfect Contrition by James Palmer
Picture's Up by Andrea (Andi) Behring
Playing the Field by Zeke Wilson
Playing to Lose by Alondra Daniels
Polite Conversations by Alianna Ortiz
Poor State by Patricia Morgan
Possession Brokers by Jasmin Wood
Power Hungry by Bradley Stewart
Power Maker by Andrea Evans
Progeny 14 by Jean Lafleur
Raising Better Kids - Taking What Isn't Yours by Son Low
Red Velvet by Cedric Shelton
Redshift X by Elizabeth Shum
Restless - TV Pilot by Yusuf Gad
Return to Sender by Raina Garcia
Ring to Bring by Payten Gomez
Risky Choices by Corey Hall
Road to Damascus by Maxwell Hammel
Run to Daddy by Anastasia Roberts
RUNAWAY SHIP by Theodore Carl Soderberg

RUNAWAY SHIP by Theodore Carl Soderberg
Sad Sadie by John May
Santa's Big Secret by Maggie Franks
Saving Farm by Temperance Carter
Saving Kat by Jaylin Freeman
Saving Lives by Cristina Jones
Saving the Human Race by Laylah Grant
Scarlet by Kenneth Hillman
Scream 5 Movie by Ross Ditner
Scuppernongs by Ashelyn Designs
Scuppernongs by Lynne Ashe
Scuppernongs by Lynne Ashe
Secret Happiness by Layne Knight
See Colorless In People by Jaylon Wells
SENT by roxxi Dott
Seraphina by Joe 'Tuffy' Tofuri
Sex & Passion by Patience Rogers
Sgt. Claus by Adrian Catarzi
She Sniper by Ralph Martinez
Shine On by Lawrence Palmer
Short on Sympathy by Alyssa Hicks
Side Effects by Paisley Stewart
Silk And Thorns by Alonzo Crawford
Silly Sally by Payton Kelly
Singular Sensation by Arthur Bryant
Site and Sound by Addisyn Lopez
Slave Helper by Janessa Patterson
Sleeping In Strangers' Beds by Tim Ryan
Slippery Road Ahead by Amy Ince
Smoke by Carlos Perez
Solo Existence by Adrianna Evans
Solution To Happiness by Aron Butler
Song, Song, Blue by Allie Holmes
Soon be a Mom by Logan Ortiz
Southern Culture by Alyssa Harris
Spain at Night by Paula Reed
Spineless Cowards by Aden Woods
Spiritual Existence by Jayson Stevens
Splitting Hairs by Zion Moore
Star Find by Adrian Carter
Starting Over by Lindsay Foster
Stealing God by Martin Blinder
Stealing Life by Prince Jenkins
Step on his Grave by Randall Baker
Stick with It by Christian Ross
Stormcloud by Marat Berdyyev
Success is a Concept by Ally Robertson
Sun Rises Tomorrow by Lauren Kennedy
Surprise Divorce by William Ebert
Survival Instincts by Preston Coleman
Susan's Extended by Julia Rusthoven
Sweet Date by Adelina Adams
Sweet Revenge by Parker Cook
Swinging to the Left by Patrick Peterson
Switching Jobs by Raiden Thompson
Switching Lives by Zariyah Edwards
Table For Four by Jim Norman
Take Out the Trash by Layton Ferguson
Take the Sunny Side by Tenley Mitchell
Taking Big Steps by Lisa Morales
Tall, Dark and Mysterious by Lia Gutierrez
Tantalum Mass: The Last Hacker by David Garrett
TEARS OF BLOOD by Raymond Warrillow
Terror Trap by Lewis Wright
Terry's Legacy by Crew Johnson
Thaddeus by Raymond Warrillow
THE 405 by Patrick Byrne
The Abduction of Jasmine by Joseph Poole
The Adventures of Kitty Zombie by Tiela Halpin
The Affliction of Jo-Jo Walker by Joe Tuffy Tofuri
The Agony of Angels by Percy Lallemang
The Angry Angel by Adelaide Scott
The Art of Man by Adam Puckoris
The Beachfront Stone House by Ruby Spencer
The Between: Rise of the Hunter by Timothy Swiney
The Bill Collector by Terrance Collins
The Blue Notebook by Lisa Wright
The Bridge to Nowhere Land by Jocelyn Riley
The Broken Bridge by Yusuf Peterson
The Burning Bush by Royce Perkins
The Conquest by Zariah Collins
THE CRYING PAIN by Belle Angel
The Do Over by Janae Perry
The Donor by Scott Hartman
The Dumbest Generation by Leslie Lyshkov
The Easy on the Eyes by Courtney King
THE FACTION by Kevin Karp
THE FACTION by Kevin Karp
The Family Portrait by Zechariah Wilson
The First Time For Penny by Janice Walker
The Fledgling by tara brenninkmeyer
The Fool's Secret by Jill Stevens
The Forgotten Children by Paxton Bell
The Friendly Wager by Ryan Pierce
The God Machine by Michael Bowler

The Green Eyed Man by Megan Piper
The Heart Thief by Terrell Stewart
The House of Esther Bird by Rebecca Stallard
THE KILLER by Tariku Bogale
The Killing Family by Terry Morris
The life that wasn't by Emilio SantĂ­n
The Lost Locket by Yoselin Torres
The Lover I Deserve by Addyson Hill
The Mad Teacher by Corbin Walker
The Maid and the Princess by Paloma Morris
The Marching Band by Cody Henderson
The Mitigation Gene by ROB TOBIN
The Ordained by Cash Briscoe
The Powder Room by Peter Barlage
The Provinces by Sinan Cevik
The Red Shoes by Tina Love
The Reject by Lina Price
The Ride Home by Teresa Edwards
The Right Way Home by Adele Green
The Romance Manager by Jazmin Reyes
The Romantic by Night by Jazmine Burns
The Smart Choice by Owen Glover
The Strength of Women by Victoria Angelique
The Summer She Turned Zero by Mary Frances Schneider
The True Fairy Tale of the Mythical Superhero by Leann Barna
The Underground Adventures of Daniel Hutton by Maurizio Lai
The Un-Eff-Able Sam Bistritzky by Maggie Herskowitz
The View From My Heart by Susan Rossi
The White Knights by Jaqueline Gonzales
The Wild Artist by Zachariah Gray
The Wonderful by Demitra Papadinis
The Yellow Bricks House by Pearl Howard
The Zombays by Lance Barnett
Those Who Hear by Jerome Velinsky
Ticket to Denver by Jaron Hamilton
To be a Boy Again by Lilly James
To Be a Rock Star by Rafael Martin
To Choose a Family by Larry Henry
To Crash & Burn by Bella Hughes
To Doubt Oneself by Lilyanna Hughes
To ID a Suspect by Anahi Bell
To Lead a Nation by Alvin Porter
Too Good to Be True Trap by Paris Rivera
TOUCH THE FIRE by Kevin Karp
TOUCH THE FIRE by Kevin Karp
Trade Places by Allyson Hunt
Trailer Park Entity by Jazlyn Dixon
Trapped by Martin Blinder
Travisville by Vincent Mazzara
Trick or Beat by Arnav Washington
Tricky Mickey by Phoenix Ramirez
TRIP by David Baugnon
Troubling Paths by Alexander Diaz
True Confessions of Destiny by Alexandra Richardson
Truth About Lies by Lexi Lee
TWISTED by Jason Dry
Twisted by Jason Dry
Ultimate Trip by Jason Swanson
Ultra Happiness by Jase Graham
Uncharted Territory by Mitchell Oppenheim
Uncle Sam in Hollywood by Anders Phillips
UNIVERSAL MONSTER by Constantine Nasr
Unshackled Hearts by Presley Henderson
Unusual Boy by Analia Perez
Walking the Walk by Nathaly Cole
Warriors of the Four Corners by Robert Brickman
Way Back When by Ariana Sanders
Weeping Willow by Liz Carlson
Weird Fresno by Byron Bellamy
When Spouse Defines You by Allen Shaw
Who Loves You? by Lea Rose
Willy Nelly by Addison Wright
Wish Not by Terrence Sanchez
Without Cause by Ari James
Wolves Cry by Scott Fleishman
Work Is Play by Lathan Boyd
WORLD by Eric Johnson
Wrong Choice by Juliana Hampton
You Can Have My Young Bride by Alexandria Wood
You Gotta Dance 1 by michael daluz
Ziggy and Rachel by Gregg Greenberg

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