Baldassaro Candella


‘Roy’s N the Hood’ tells the story of what happens to a rich kid from the suburbs of Connecticut when he’s forced to live in inner-city Detroit. Seventeen-year old Roy is just finishing up his junior year of high school and his life is grand - already early admittance to Princeton, the beautiful girlfriend, the rich father and the beautiful home. But when Roy’s dad is arrested and shut down by the FBI for financial crimes Roy has no choice but to go live with his estranged mom in Detroit.

Roy says goodbye to his life and enters a neighborhood outside Detroit known as ‘Zone 8’ where Roy’s mom Debbie lives. A drug habit from years ago separated Debbie from Roy and the tension between them surrounds their every interaction. He also struggles to adjust to nothing but black faces, 800 square feet of living space, and a new diet consisting of Pizza rolls and Kool Aid.

Roy also must deal with a criminal trial back in Connecticut which might require him to testify against his dad.

How can Roy forgive his mom, fit in with the neighborhood, keep his dad out of jail and get his old life back?

Copyright 2010 Baldassaro Candella
All Rights Reserved