Crime Mystery

George Nicholis


Reggie Holmes needs $40K to bail his mother out of jail and that kind of cash doesn't come easy. A street-smart hustler who takes up solving crimes for cash on the seedy avenues of Brooklyn, Holmes has built a name for himself in his hood as an inside dude who’s always in the right place at the right time, willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

While tailing a Puerto Rican thug as a favor to a desperate client, Holmes witnesses an incident that leads to the murder of a young Puerto Rican honey, who just so happens to be the offspring of Primo Garcia, wealthy owner of hot West Village Salsa club, Tequila Mockingbird. Primo may or may not be running a fetishistic human trafficking circuit populated by Puerto Rican girls with cleft palates and missing limbs. Running out of time, low on dough, and seeing the murder as his last chance to secure his mother’s money, Holmes decides he’ll make Primo his next client. He’ll find his daughter’s executioner for a $40,000 pay day. But when Primo raises the stakes by slapping a $40,000 hit on his daughter’s killer, Holmes must decide to what depths he’s willing to dive to free his mother.

Overweight and underpaid NYPD Detective Steven Watson also has a finger on the case. A hard-edged homicide detective with 25 years on the job and a shady secret, Watson’s precinct has become the latest victim of corporate downsizing. As a result, he’s been removed from the Garcia case and hardwired to burglary due to a minus of manpower. Never one to abandon an investigation, Watson secretly sides with young Holmes in an effort to cinch the inside scoop on the Garcia girl’s murder. And hard-luck Holmes could be about to make a deadly plunge off the deep end – right into an angry beehive of perilous pimps, human traffickers, a reclusive Rye steel tycoon…and more trouble than he ever could have fathomed.

Copyright 2010 George Nicholis
All Rights Reserved