Kathy C. King


Z and Ace, best friends and business partners, are promoting a band at a local club when Ace gets the call: his wife is in labor. Ace rushes off to the hospital and when Z shows up to support his buddy discovers that his ex-girlfriend is also in the maternity ward. She's about to release the baby for adoption, but when Z finds out the baby is his he steps up to take on sole custody. Raised by a single-mom, himself, Z still has no idea what raising a child will involve. And it's not like he's a 9-5 guy; Z is a club promoter. Figuring out how to balance family and work is not going to be easy. There are meetings in hookah bars, distributing reams of posters, not to mention hanging out at clubs 5 nights a week. But Z figures he'll schmooze his mom into helping him out. After she turns him down flat, he then figures it's the perfect time to invite his girlfriend to move in. She does -- for all of 12 hours before she realizes he's not looking to amp up the relationship status; he's looking for a live-in nanny. After she walks out, Z is entirely on his own, and now he's been given an opportunity to increase his business, maybe even getting an office and expanding his staff. But he and Ace have to promote an unknown, and the unknown is none other than the town's biggest club owner's nephew. From Morocco. Oh, and he raps in Arabic. Yeah. This is going to be an uphill effort with babies on board. Not everyone is pulling for Z's success, either. There's a competing promoter who's out to sabotage Z's efforts and steal his business. Then his ex shows up, thinking a newborn baby might be a great p.r. tactic. When Z doesn't go along with lending the baby out as an accessory, she sues for custody. Z has to appease his Moroccan client, impress the judge, and keep the baby safe.

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