Crime Thriller

Paul Moxham


Alarms blare... An angry shopkeeper wields a handgun... A thief scrambles through the streets... D.C. cops JACK MITCHELL and MAGGIE TEMPLETON (30s) chase the shoplifter through a dark alley, Jack bounding off a dumpster, diving through the air, crashing down upon the perpetrator -- who proves to be nothing more than a kid clutching a stolen candy bar.

This doesn’t sit well in Jack’s overactive mind. Conspiracy theory obsession draining his relationships with the partner he pines for and the mother he still lives with. Legendary cop father he can never live up to. Jack is seized with a sense that he needs to do more with his life than chase down 12-year-old Snickers thieves.

When Jack is invited to an inaugural ball at the White House by former partner turned Secret Service agent CHARLES LONG, he stumbles upon a clandestine cult literally stalking the hallowed halls of the world’s most famous residence. His brain goes into overdrive, and as he researches the secret society known only as the Ameristocracy, he begins to suspect that the incoming President is in grave danger.

“It’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s true.” Those words steel Jack’s nerves even as his allies fall to the wayside, old friends and co-workers worrying that Jack’s obsessions have gotten the best of him.

Desperate to expose the truth, Jack turns to the king of conspiracy theorists, an unnamed man known only through the computer screen, who in turn directs him to CIA Director DONALD WILLIAM, assuring Jack that he “knows the truth.” But when Jack goes to the powerful intelligence chief’s Georgetown home, he finds William lying in a pool of his own blood, the murder weapon at Jack’s feet.

Framed for the murder and on the run, Jack steals a limo and weaves in and out of traffic, outmaneuvering faceless, gun-wielding pursuers en route to safe haven in the Virginia estate of his enigmatic father SPENCER. But for every answer Jack finds, two new questions arise. Jack is sickened to learn that his own father is a part of the conspiracy, having been duped into helping the Ameristocracy by ambitious Police Chief WILCOX before disappearing to rural seclusion in hopes of saving his family from repercussions when he wouldn’t play along.

Bullets fly and secrets are shattered. Soon Jack is on the run again, Wilcox and a devious henchman FREDERIC in tow. With little more to go on than his father’s dying words, Jack finds his way to the wooded hideaway of THOMAS MILLER, Spencer’s longtime friend and the man with all the answers. Thomas is the faceless internet guru who first put Jack on this quest. Together these two conspiracy theorists piece together the puzzle, forming a daunting picture of a maverick president under attack by those he trusts… by his closest advisor.

Assembling a ragtag team, Jack, Thomas, Charles and Maggie set out to infiltrate the White House, their goal no less noble than saving the President of the United States. But in this world, nothing is as it seems and danger lurks around every corner. Will a true patriot rise up against the power structure in defense of democracy? Or will righteousness fall at the hands of greed and evil in a bloody battle that stretches from the halls of the White House to the cabins of Camp David?

Copyright 2010 Paul Moxham
All Rights Reserved