Ryan Lear and Jeff Wachsmuth


It's the 18th century and the American Revolutionary War is raging. Totally oblivious to it all is Ben, a twenty-something farm-boy who spends his time being yelled at by his parents and trying to avoid plowing the fields. All he cares about is his longtime true-love Abigail. But Ben's plan to marry her hits a snag when her father, a retired general, catches them mid-coitus and enlists Ben in the war against his will. Ben thought he was a lousy farmer, but in training he quickly finds that hes a much, much worse soldier. So bad, in fact, that he winds up on the squad of rejects basically the Mighty Ducks of the Patriot Army. Bens still unsure about which end of the musket fires, but before he knows it hes shipped out on his first mission. The only glimmer of hope for the bumbling team is their fearless, superhero-like leader, Captain Bud Rock. Captain Rock inspires Ben, taking him under his massively-muscled wing, and Ben starts to learn about himself and what it takes to be a soldier. Maybe he isnt such a coward after all. But then everything falls apart when the seemingly-invincible Bud Rock is killed in an encounter with Loyalists. His dying wish is that Ben completes their mission. Crippled, leaderless, and in the very groin of enemy territory, Ben digs deep and tries to summon his confidence to rally the troops. But hes far from the inspiring hero that Bud was, and the team immediately starts to fracture. Progress slows to a crawl. Starvation, suspicion over spies, and power struggles within the team threaten their very survival. They carry on against odds that are lower than their collective IQ. Then just when the team is finally on the brink of completing their mission, they're captured and sentenced to death by the Loyalists. As the nooses are being prepared, Ben pulls off a daring jailbreak. The team narrowly manages to escape, but in doing so they stumble upon a secret plot to assassinate George Washington. At last a real leader, Ben has his team behind him: they may not be the most competent people to decide the fate of a country, but theyre all hes got. So whats Ben going to do? Run back home to safety and his true-love Abigail, or risk everything to save the most important figure in American history?

Copyright 2010 Ryan Lear and Jeff Wachsmuth
All Rights Reserved