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American Gem Short Screenplay & Literary Festival
2011 Screenplay Contest

Enter your Short Screenplay, Short Story, Treatment in American Gem Short Screenplay Contest / Literary Festival. 

Winning Screenplay in the American Gem Short Screenplay Contest will be Produced.

Grand Prize Winner / Short Screenplay Gets to Pitch Screenplay to Producers, Studio Executives and Agents. Certificate of achievement awards to the Top 25 scripts and top 3 in each of the other categories.

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FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards
Screenplay Contest Interview



CATEGORY 3 / Comedy

Baldassaro Candella


Baldassaro Candella
of Parker, CO, USA


Baldassaro Candella was born and raised in Colorado where he lives with his wife and son. He has a degree in Journalism from Colorado State University. His first screenplay “King for a Night’ was a runner-up in a previous Radmin/Filmmakers Contest and his comedy ‘Thunderpants’ also placed in several competitions. In-between scripts he spends his time at the movies, follows his beloved Boston Red Sox and Dallas Cowboys, and lives by the motto “Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.”


Part 1.


I knew we wanted to be screenwriters........

The first time I sat down and put dialogue on paper. I was hooked.

I know I've succeeded........ 

when I don’t have a day job, when writing screenplays supports myself and my family.


My inspiration to write ROY'S N THE HOOD.....

came from watching lame depictions of white and black people interacting in mainstream movies. Different handshakes and dance moves is not what defines our two cultures.


Part 2.


FilmMakers Magazine: What inspired you to write?

Baldassaro Candella: Chasing that feeling you get when you can make someone laugh.

FilmMakers Magazine: What did you do to prepare yourself to write your first script?

Baldassaro Candella: I bought the ‘The Screenwriters Bible’. The best book for a newbie writer.

FilmMakers Magazine: Is this your first script and how long did it take you to complete?

Baldassaro Candella: It’s my fourth script and took about six weeks to write.

FilmMakers Magazine: Do you have a set routine, place and time management for writing?

Baldassaro Candella: I always write at night after work for a few hours while watching TV.

FilmMakers Magazine: Do you believe screenplay contests are important for aspiring screenwriters and why?

Baldassaro Candella: How else does a writer from Colorado with no connections get noticed?

FilmMakers Magazine: What influenced you to enter the FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards / Screenplay Contest?

Baldassaro Candella: They always attract a large amount of entries and are known as top-notch contest.

FilmMakers Magazine: What script would you urge aspiring writers to read and why?

Baldassaro Candella:
Pulp Fiction. It’s great writing, and shows that you don’t always have to follow the rules us writers try so hard to follow.

FilmMakers Magazine: Beside screenwriting what are you passionate about and why?

Baldassaro Candella: It’s the only way to clear my head. It always gives me a fresh perspective.

FilmMakers Magazine: Who is your favorite Screenwriter and Why?

Baldassaro Candella:
Quentin Tarantino. His worst scene is still better than anything out there. He’s the Michael Jordan of writing dialogue.

FilmMakers Magazine: Name the director you would love to work with and why?

Baldassaro Candella:
Judd Apatow. Not only is he immensely talented, he always seems down to earth and respectful of other writers.

FilmMakers Magazine: Name the actor you would love to work with and why?

Baldassaro Candella: Tina Fey. Who else would be better to hang out with on set. Beautiful, talented and humble.

FilmMakers Magazine: Any tips and things learned along the way to pass on to others?

Baldassaro Candella: Write scenes you think actors want to play. It’s an actor-driven business. They are the one’s who get movies made.

FilmMakers Magazine: What's next for you?

Baldassaro Candella: I need an agent!

FilmMakers Magazine: Where will you be five years from now?

Baldassaro Candella: Hopefully a member of the Writers Guild. The only fraternity I have ever dreamt of being part of.


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